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The HBCU Hoops Invitational is a diversity, equity and inclusion initiative that is the first of its kind, pre-season, non conference, exclusive HBCU basketball tournament focused on providing students and student athletes equal footing, meaningful education, and adequate career preparation to effectively thrive, through the access to useful technology, specialized educational support, and access to career resources that allow students and graduates reasonable experiential opportunities, through scholarships and sponsorships. In addition, we want to educate the community about historically black colleges and universities.


This invitational held in Tampa, FL, is a six day event with three days of the actual HBCU basketball tournament, scheduled for December 2024.

It's an experience you and your  family won't want to miss!

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At its core, The range of this experience demonstrates the power of creating a platform to amplify grass-roots projects and maintain momentum for change. Our intent is to provide meaningful opportunities to support student athletes throughout their collegiate journey with scholarships and necessary resources to thrive while bringing exposure and celebrating the female athlete. Women are currently on the rise. Yesterday’s and tomorrow's legacies are being uncovered right now. 

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Haywoode Workman, the Visionary behind HBCU Hoops Invitational, was a second-round pick in the 1989 NBA Draft and is one of three former NBA players and the second African-American to become an NBA Official. Mr. Workman and the HBCU Hoops Invitational is dedicated to providing scholarships to student-athletes who desire to attend Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Haywoode Workman officiated 590 regular-season games over 13 seasons. His most memorable NBA assignment was Kobe Bryant’s last game when the Los Angeles Lakers played host to the Utah Jazz on April 13, 2016. Haywoode spent four seasons officiating in the NBA G League and also refereed in the CBA. A second-round pick in the 1989 NBA Draft, Haywoode played eight seasons in the NBA with the Atlanta Hawks, Washington Bullets (now Wizards), Indiana Pacers, Milwaukee Bucks, and Toronto Raptors. He also played professionally overseas and in the CBA. Haywoode was an All-State high school quarterback in North Carolina. He played one year of football and basketball at Winston-Salem State University (the latter for the legendary Clarence “Big House” Gaines) before transferring to Oral Roberts University. In 2003, Haywoode was inducted into the Oral Roberts Athletics Hall of Fame.


HBCUs consistently produce high-achieving leaders, athletes, and trailblazers. The HBCU Hoops Invitational provides an opportunity for participating HBCUs to receive vital financial support for their athletic departments to include academic and athletic scholarships while also engaging the local community.

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HBCU Hoops Invitational

By becoming a sponsor of the 2024 HBCU Hoops Invitational, you become part of a community that exhibits true commitment to diversity and inclusion. Thus, creating an amplified platform that translates to tangible support of those efforts that aim to not only highlight and recognize the contribution of traditionally underrepresented communities, but also to strive to create welcoming educational and workplace environments that create our differences. 


Your financial support of the HBCU Hoops Invitational underscores your organization’s commitment to diverse representation in a manner that is meaningful and culturally responsive. If our mission resonates with you and/or aligns with your current goals or projects, please contact us for more information regarding sponsorships and partnerships.

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  • What is the HBCU Hoops Invitational?
    The HBCU Hoops Invitational is a non conference, pre-season basketball tournament exclusive to HBCU women's and men's basketball teams.
  • When is this tournament taking place?
    December 2024
  • What HBCU teams will be playing in the tournament?
    Teams will be announced in March 2024.
  • Where is the tournament being held?
    Tampa, Florida
  • Will there be affiliated events?
    Yes. There will be a Charity Golf Outing, Community Fan Fest and Concert, and evening social events all in support of the HBCU Hoops Invitational Scholarships.
  • What Covid-19 measures are being put in place?
    The well-being of our guests and staff is our top priority. Safety measures will be implemented based on current public health recommendations, including those set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and local agencies. Anyone who is symptomatic should not attend any events. Anyone who is immunocompromised should check with their health care provider prior to participating in any of the events that will be taking place.


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